Happy Birthday, Vanessa-Mae!

Today is Vanessa-Mae’s birthday! Where ever she is, we hope she is having fun among family and friends. Leave a message if you like. She may even read it!

Besides wishing her Happy Birthday, talk about what her music has meant to you. For this writer, it is the sole reason why he began playing the violin. He still does to this day…

Vanessa-Mae is currently performing a handful of concerts. You can check them out here:


There is also an interview she did as she prepares for her 10th concert at the Crocus City Hall. You can view the interview here:


Happy Birthday Vanessa-Mae
Vanessa is 41 today! Doesn’t really look like it, does it?

Vanessa-Mae opens Ohrid Summer Festival

Ohrid Summer Festival kicks in high gear!

Vanessa-Mae gives a rare concert in Macedonia earlier this month. The performance kicks off the Ohrid Summer Festival. The concert was attended by numerous heads of state from the Ministry of Culture. The Republic of Macedonia invites musicians from all over the world to participate. It is exciting to see Vanessa-Mae be among them.

However, this concert is shorter in length somewhat. It is available on Youtube. Please give a LIKE to the author!

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Vanessa-Mae will perform at Budapest Arena in May! [updated]

Budapest Arena will feature Vanessa-Mae!

vanessa mae plays at Budapest
Vanessa-Mae will perform at the Budapest Arena next May!

Vanessa-Mae will perform at Budapest Arena on May 24, 2019!  This arena boasts capacity exceeding 12,000 people.  It is exciting to see Vanessa-Mae playing at another new venue.  Furthermore, I hope this concert contains new music!  If you plan on going, have fun!  In addition, why not let us know on the forum?

More information, including how to purchase tickets is found in this link.

[updated 5/27/19]  Vanessa-Mae has just finished her first concert in several months.  If anyone has footage of this concert, please let me know!  Vanessa-Mae performances are somewhat rare these days.  Any footage of this concert would certainly be welcome.  Also, I’m extremely interested to see if she introduced any new music.  She has stated in her response to us that she’s indeed working on a new album.  She wore a beautiful long pink dress similar to the one pictured above.  I will be uploading any footage I find, so keep an eye on this space.  Here’s the first video I found, with Vanessa-Mae performing her signature hit ‘Storm’.  A big thanks to ThePeccike for uploading this footage!

[updated 5/29/19] Here’s several videos from the Budapest.  A BIG thanks to JLHdr for the upload!!  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Happy Valley

I Feel Love


Toccata & Fugue

Blessed Spirits

Tribal Gathering

Night Flight

Bach Street Prelude

Art of War

Happy Birthday to Vanessa-Mae (and she answers our questions!!)


First off, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vanessa-Mae!  Today, she turns 40, and I hope wherever she is, she’s having loads of fun.

birthday card
birthday card (both sides)

I’m also happy to report that she has answered the questions we’ve submitted last year.  She has changed managers, which is the reason for the delay.  Check out her answers here.  I found her answers fascinating!

She has now focused on her new album, which is a nice confirmation we’ve waited years to hear.  I’m also planning to open a new thread topic where we can ask her additional questions.

Stay tuned …

Vanessa-Mae visits Tashkent! (updated 9/22/18)

Vanessa-Mae performs in Tashkent for the first time …

Good evening Vanessa-Mae fans!  Vanessa-Mae just performed this past Wednesday in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.   She performed with a youth orchestra specifically chosen for this concert.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate any footage of the concert.  However, she did a short interview after the concert where she recounts her visit.  She also talked extensively about being “experimental” with music, and be willing to take chances.  You can check it out below.

If anyone does find any footage of the concert, please let me know immediately.  I will give you credit for the find and post it here on the main site.  Thank you!  Don’t forget to visit our forum and say hi!

[update – 9/22/18] Here’s a clip uploaded to Youtube that contains the first couple of songs Vanessa-Mae performed.  Please let me know if anyone finds anymore!  Thanks!!

Vanessa-Mae will perform in St. Petersburg, Russia! [updated 4/8/18/]

Vanessa returns to Russia this spring ..

Attention Vanessa-Mae fans in Russia! She will again return to St. Petersburg on March 6, 2018. You can find the tickets here. But hurry, there are only 8 tickets left as of this writing!

Update: Someone has managed to record Vanessa’s most recent concert on March 7 and uploaded it to Youtube.  Make sure you leave a “like” to show our appreciation for making this available for all fans to see.  Many thanks to zeta for finding this!  

Below are a couple of videos of her last appearance back in February of 2017. If any of you plan to attend, please record as much as you can. Vanessa-Mae only performs a handful of concerts each year. Footage of her concerts are hard to come by as you might expect. Thank you so much in advance. If you do attend, we’d love to hear from you on our forum!


Crocus City Hall welcomes Vanessa-Mae again!

Vanessa will visit Moscow and perform at Crocus City Hall!

If you live in Moscow, then I have great news for you!  Vanessa-Mae will be making a visit on March 7, 2018 at Crocus City Hall.  She has performed there annually for years.  If you live anywhere close by, consider yourself lucky!!  If you missed her last concert, another opportunity awaits.  Information about getting tickets can be found here.  Due to demand, you may not want to wait too long to buy.

Russia is one of her favorite places to visit.  Furthermore, I have found that no two concerts are alike.  Many thanks to Display for relaying this information.  Finally, just for fun, I’ve linked a few videos from her recent visits to Moscow.  Go to Youtube to find more because there’s quite a bit to look at.

Do you have a question for Vanessa-Mae on her birthday? (updated 11/16/17)


*updated 11/16/17* HQ pics of Vanessa-Mae’s birthday card

birthday card
birthday card (both sides)

back of Vanessa's birthday card
back of Vanessa’s birthday card

front of Vanessa's birthday card
front of Vanessa’s birthday card

Scroll down to see the questions submitted to Vanessa-Mae.

In preparation for Vanessa-Mae’s birthday …

Vanessa-Mae practices
Vanessa-Mae practices a duet with her mother Pamela

Vanessa-Mae’s birthday is a little over two months from now.  She was born on October 27, 1978.  Here’s a little fun fact, did you know Niccolo Paganini was also born on that same day?  Vanessa has often stated Paganini is her favorite composer.

As a tradition, we send Vanessa questions asked by fans on the VMnet forum .  We have done this for the past 14 years, and she’s answered every single one!  Now I’m giving you the chance to ask your own question.  Remember though, I cannot guarantee that your question will be chosen.  We only send about six or seven questions total.

How?  You must first register on the forum and then head over to the Vanessa’s birthday thread for details.

We also send presents and this year’s will be very special.  The present itself is worth thousands of dollars and will be very unique.  I can’t wait to tell you more about it!


Update – 11/16/17

Here’s the message I sent to Vanessa-Mae on her birthday card:

Dearest Vanessa-Mae,

Happy 39th Birthday! We here at the VMnet forum wish that you had a very memorable birthday, spending time with loved ones and having lots of fun! All of us wish to thank you for the wonderful memories that you have given throughout your extraordinary career.

We have a very special birthday present for you, but it’s not ready yet. Please
stay tuned! 🙂

Of course we do have a few questions that we hope you’d be willing to answer:

1) What keeps you busy nowadays musically (in between concerts)?

2) Any news on a new album? If not, could you tell us what style(s) of music that it would encompass?

3) Your fans in the U.S. miss you! Do you plan on performing in the U.S. in the not-too-distant future?

4) During your concerts recently, We notice you’ve played some music we haven’t heard you play in quite some time.  For example, “Picante” and “I will always love you”. Do you plan to keep going back and performing pieces from your earlier work that you haven’t perform in quite a while? If so, we love the idea! Paganini’s “24th Caprice” and “Classical Gas” come to mind … 🙂

5) Do you have a strict practice regiment you follow? When you practice, are there certain pieces that you like to play to keep yourself in shape?

… and that’s it! Once again, thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Benji Ivy
Owner, vanessamae.net

Lastly, her birthday present is still not ready yet.  I recommend you visit the forum’s birthday thread to stay informed.

Vanessa-Mae will perform in Greece in October! [updated 10/8/17]

Vanessa-Mae plans to visits Greece again in October!

Vanessa concentrates
Vanessa-Mae concentrates as she performs. She will be in Greece on October 5th!

It’s been a bit quiet on news regarding Vanessa-Mae.  However, all that has changed!  She will appear live in Greece on 10/5/2017.  Moreover, You can find all the details here .  Unfortunately, the site is entirely in Greek.  You can use Google translate or Babefish.  Thank you zeta for the heads up!

Update – 10/8/17

Here are a few videos from her recent performance.  If I find more, I will add them here.  She had some fun with the audience playing ‘I feel love’.  Furthermore, she gave a funny speech before Toccata & Fugue.

Bratislava welcomes Vanessa-Mae on May 11, 2017! [updated 5/25/17]

Next stop: Bratislava

Vanessa-Mae enjoying herself in front of an enthusiastic crowd while visiting Bratislava
Vanessa wows the crowd in her recent visit to Bratislava

Vanessa-Mae is continuing her tour she started back in February.  This time, she plays two concerts in Bratislava just a few days ago.  Right now, there has not been much footage uploaded of the concert.  However, I included what I did find below.  I will continue to update this page as more videos become available.

She looks great as always, and once again wears a beautiful pink dress.  It seems like the same one she wore at her Valentine’s Day concert.  She did wear another dress, but the footage is quite grainy.  Unfortunately, I am not able to tell much as the fan who recorded it was quite far from the stage.

May will be a busy month for Vanessa-Mae!  She has concerts planned in Macedonia, Israel and Poland all before month’s end.  As a result, you can expect to be seeing more footage from these appearances.

Videos (constantly updated)

[updated 5/25/17] Vanessa performs concerts in Caesaria and Skopje!

These are the latest videos uploaded on Youtube

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