Do you have a question for Vanessa-Mae on her birthday?

In preparation for Vanessa-Mae’s birthday …

Vanessa-Mae practicing playing the violin from an early age. I wonder what she got for her birthday for so playing so well??
Vanessa-Mae practicing with her mother. I wonder what she’s playing here?

Vanessa-Mae’s birthday is a little over two months from now.  She was born on October 27, 1978.  Here’s a little fun fact, did you know Niccolo Paganini was also born on that same day?  Vanessa has often stated Paganini is her favorite composer.

As a tradition, we send Vanessa questions asked by fans on the VMnet forum .  We have done this for the past 14 years, and she’s answered every single one!  Now I’m giving you the chance to ask your own question.  Remember though, I cannot guarantee that your question will be chosen.  We only send about six or seven questions total.

How?  You must first register on the forum and then head over to the Vanessa’s birthday thread for details.

We also send presents and this year’s will be very special.  The present itself is worth thousands of dollars and will be very unique.  I can’t wait to tell you more about it!



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