Crocus City Hall welcomes Vanessa-Mae again!

Vanessa-Mae will play at Crocus City Hall in Moscow
Vanessa-Mae will play at Crocus City Hall in Moscow

Vanessa will visit Moscow and perform at Crocus City Hall!

If you live in Moscow, then I have great news for you!  Vanessa-Mae will be making a visit on March 7, 2018 at Crocus City Hall.  She has performed there annually for years.  If you live anywhere close by, consider yourself lucky!!  If you missed her last concert, another opportunity awaits.  Information about getting tickets can be found here.  Due to demand, you may not want to wait too long to buy.

Russia is one of her favorite places to visit.  Furthermore, I have found that no two concerts are alike.  Many thanks to Display for relaying this information.  Finally, just for fun, I’ve linked a few videos from her recent visits to Moscow.  Go to Youtube to find more because there’s quite a bit to look at.


  1. I am an admirer of your violin game from your previous album i hope to meet you directly and can talk about the deeper classical music with you glad to get acquainted with you

    1. Hi Michael,

      I forwarded your information to Vanessa-Mae’s assistant. Let me know if he responds or not; I’ve had difficulty getting in contact with him lately.

    2. Yes, she doesn’t have much of an online presence. She often says she rarely goes online much. Hopefully, her assistant will reach out to you soon.

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