Vanessa-Mae will perform in St. Petersburg, Russia! [updated 4/8/18/]

Vanessa returns to Russia this spring ..

Attention Vanessa-Mae fans in Russia! She will again return to St. Petersburg on March 6, 2018. You can find the tickets here. But hurry, there are only 8 tickets left as of this writing!

Update: Someone has managed to record Vanessa’s most recent concert on March 7 and uploaded it to Youtube.  Make sure you leave a “like” to show our appreciation for making this available for all fans to see.  Many thanks to zeta for finding this!  

Below are a couple of videos of her last appearance back in February of 2017. If any of you plan to attend, please record as much as you can. Vanessa-Mae only performs a handful of concerts each year. Footage of her concerts are hard to come by as you might expect. Thank you so much in advance. If you do attend, we’d love to hear from you on our forum!


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      1. Never compete again? This is a time and age issue. The injury will heal in time but the next Olympics are in 2022 and she will be 43 by then. It is unlikely she will manage to qualify then. BTW, she doesn’t belong at the Olympics and she better keeps herself to playing the violin.

        1. I don’t think Vanessa will risk her violin career just for the opportunity to participate in the Olympics again. She did fulfill her childhood dream of participating in the Olympics in downhill skiing. Though I’m pretty sure it didn’t exactly went as she hoped.

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