Vanessa-Mae will perform at Budapest Arena in May! [updated]

Budapest Arena will feature Vanessa-Mae!

vanessa mae plays at Budapest
Vanessa-Mae will perform at the Budapest Arena next May!

Vanessa-Mae will perform at Budapest Arena on May 24, 2019!  This arena boasts capacity exceeding 12,000 people.  It is exciting to see Vanessa-Mae playing at another new venue.  Furthermore, I hope this concert contains new music!  If you plan on going, have fun!  In addition, why not let us know on the forum?

More information, including how to purchase tickets is found in this link.

[updated 5/27/19]  Vanessa-Mae has just finished her first concert in several months.  If anyone has footage of this concert, please let me know!  Vanessa-Mae performances are somewhat rare these days.  Any footage of this concert would certainly be welcome.  Also, I’m extremely interested to see if she introduced any new music.  She has stated in her response to us that she’s indeed working on a new album.  She wore a beautiful long pink dress similar to the one pictured above.  I will be uploading any footage I find, so keep an eye on this space.  Here’s the first video I found, with Vanessa-Mae performing her signature hit ‘Storm’.  A big thanks to ThePeccike for uploading this footage!

[updated 5/29/19] Here’s several videos from the Budapest.  A BIG thanks to JLHdr for the upload!!  YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Happy Valley

I Feel Love


Toccata & Fugue

Blessed Spirits

Tribal Gathering

Night Flight

Bach Street Prelude

Art of War


  1. I really really hope she comes to Hong Kong one day… or even Malaysia. She is truly a talented and inspirational violinist.

    1. Vanessa-Mae has been in Malaysia and Hong Kong several times in the past. These days, her rare concerts are limited to countries in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, sometimes Greece or Israel. She has forgotten her fans that made her great!

  2. As a professional pop/crossover violinist myself, Vanessa-Mae has been my inspiration and my idol since we were both 15 years old. I almost cried watching these. Thank you so much for sharing. Since I live in the United States, seeing her perform live is a dream I can only hope will happen in my lifetime.

    1. In her last list of replies to our questions, she has stated that she hopes to revisit the U.S. very soon .. so #fingercrossed! 🙂

  3. I am hopeful that a new album is close.
    She has recently:
    -created a new Youtube channel
    – refurbished her website ( )
    – created an instagram account and a twitter accoutn
    – create playlists on her Spotify page, including ‘Vanessa-Mae: Complete’ which describes itself as “the first place to hear about new releases”
    – she also has new branding on everything.

    Fingers-crossed this means she is preparing to release new music.

    1. Indeed! She has stated in her latest reply to our questions that she is indeed focusing on her music. The latest changes you outline seems to agree … I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. All of her albums are very different, so I wonder what inspirations she has for this new album? Time will only tell!

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