Looking for Vanessa-Mae sheet music?

Vanessa-Mae has inspired violinists and violin lovers all over the globe. Unfortunately, like most artists, her music is not commercially available in sheet music form. Thankfully, a passionate Vanessa-Mae fan, TonyGH05VM, has worked tirelessly over the past few years to make most of Vanessa-Mae’s most popular tracks available. Take a look:

Vanessa-Mae's sheet music now available in e-book form!
40 tracks from her three pop albums are included!
The great news is that Vanessa-Mae's music have a wide range of difficulty.  From Aurora (relatively easy) to The Devil's Trill (very difficult).  Remember, take it slow!!

This is an awesome treat for Vanessa-Mae fans, and the music available has a wide range of difficulty. If you are a beginner, Aurora is a great piece to learn as it is slow-paced, but the melody is beautiful and melodic. If you’re fortunate enough to have a private teacher, perhaps integrate one or two of Vanessa-Mae’s music to help you improve playing your own instrument. However, if you prefer more of a challenge, why not try Tribal Gathering (some inspiration from Paganini is evident here)?

You can download this for free in e-book form here. I can confirm that the transcription is very accurate, and I’m in the process of learning some of Vanessa-Mae’s music I never thought possible until now. While you’re at it, why not join the forum and share your experiences with the rest of the fans? Does it motivate you to play your instrument more now that her songs are available as sheet music?

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