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Hello! I've just joined this group, so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Neil, and I've been a V-M fan for about 10 years. I've seen her twice - once in 1998 and once in May this year, both at the Royal Albert Hall, and thought she was amazing both times! Now I'm just trying to acquire as much audio/video/DVD material as I can! I've got most things: all albums (except Choreography, but I'll get that as soon as I can find a copy), Red Hot video and Berlin Philharmonie video. I'm interested to get my hands on anything else, though, particularly TV appearances (I don't have any) and any other concerts. I've got a 2002 Taiwan (?) concert on order which I'm looking forward to!

Anyway, hello everyone - I'm looking forward to discussing Vanessa-Mae here!
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Hi Neill,

You're very much welcome in this online community of Vanessa-Mae fans.

I am a fan for about 12 years now, dating form the time before she became a superstar with the release of 'The Violin Player.' I've seen
Vanessa-Ma elive in concert now 6 times, the most recent times in London last October and Dresden February this year. You can find my reviews with lots of photos at my website -see the link in my signature!

I possess many video files of television appearances and of other occasions. Most of these files have been exchanged between fans in this forum.

Bijsterg hasd many of these files available on his server for downloading. I suppose he will provide a link here later when he reads your post.

Anyway, welcome in this forum and I hope to read many contributions from you.
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