New photos of Vanessa-Mae and new articles

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New photos of Vanessa-Mae and new articles

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Recently, I obtained 4 new photos of Vanessa-Mae and 3 articles that appeared in newspapers or magazines. These new items are listed on my website at:

Recent collection acquisitions

Thumbnails of the photos are shown here already. On my site are links to the full sized images (click thumbnails there!). The page of my site mentioned above also provides links to the scans of the articles.

The first photo is a wonderful shot of Vanessa-Mae addressing the audience during her concert in Berlin last year on February 10th 2005. She wears her flimsy green sleeveless blouse that is shine through on her belly parts. Vanessa-Mae's eye make-up is not too obvious because she comes from looking downwards, but other shots made at this concert reveal quite some dark purple shadow and black mascara. Her complexion as seen at this shot is impeacable, though.


The second photo is a shot made during Vanessa-Mae's concert in Athens Greece on September 29th 2001.


I particularly like the 3rd photo below. This one was made in the BBC buildings somewhere in January of 1995 after Vanessa-Mae was guest in television show. In a very very funny pose, Vanessa-Mae sways her wonderful long black hair around in some kind of funny wink as she did that sometimes during concerts to show her long black hair to the audiences. During the Storm period, promotion and tour, Vanessa-Mae also practised this a couple of times - See also the Storm poster and tour brouchure (Storm Tour brochure).

Maybe Vanessa-Mae changed clothes already after the BBC show, but she still has her facewear on, as is obvious to see at her eye make-up and fine complexion.


The final photo is a very cute shot. It was made after the Michael Jackson & Friends concert in Munich on July 27th 1999. Unfortunately, the quality of the image is not too good but it shows the blue decorative paint in Vanessa-Mae's short coiffure that she had during that period.


Two of the 3 articles appeared in the Dutch magazine 'Hit Krant' of April 1995 (shortly after the release of The Violin Player in the Netherlands) and the German magazine Woman of October 2004. These 2 stories do not reveal any new information to well informed fans of Vanessa-Mae but have some fime small photos nevertheless. These articles are in the Dutch and german language.

The 3rd article however is very interesting and appeared in a South African newspaper shortly before Vanessa-Mae's performance at the opening gala in Cape Town of the 'The Cape Town International Convention Centre' (CTICC) on June 28th 2003. The article deals with the technical preparations of the event and mentions some of Vanessa-Mae equipments and technical demands of her crew. The article shows the highly professional attitude of Vanessa-Mae when it comes to making sure she can deliver to the audiences high expectations.
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Thanks a lot for sharing.
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