Vanessa-Mae's feedback to our bday questions

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Vanessa-Mae's feedback to our bday questions

Post by Xanthippe »

I received feedback from Vanessa-Mae to the questions that we submitted to her with our presents for her 32nd bday last October. The feedback took so long because Vanessa-Mae is currently living in Switzerland where she has a home in Zermatt, and was only in London recently since quite a long time. I had sent our parcel to her office in London. Below are the questions and Vanessa-Mae's answers and comments in bold.

1) The first question is how are you and Lionel doing? Are you both happy, and in good physical and mental condition?

We are both busy bees but we are currently happy and stimulated, thank you.

2) Is Gaspard enjoying his play pal Maximus? Are both doing well? Give them a big hug from us all!!

Gaspard has never been an affectionate dog but he adored Max from day one - so much so that he pretty much allows him to get away with being bossy all of the time. Thank you but you will be slobbered on if you give Gaspard a hug!

3) In the BBC documentary ‘The Making Of Me,’ towards the end, is a scene shown of you playing part of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto in a long yellow dress with short hair. This performance was probable at an age of about 13. We were wondering whether video material like this of you performing at a young age could be made available on DVD, or in any other way. This kind of material is so interesting for us as fans. Perhaps such a DVD could be added as bonus material to a new album or to your autobiography one day?

Although one tends to cringe when viewing old footage of oneself, I do appreciate that my musical childhood may be interesting to you. In fact, when I revisit my past work, I find the concentration and self possession that I had then both grounding and rejuvenating. Thank you for the suggestion - it is a great idea.

4) We read in newspapers and on the Internet that you have a dream of participating in the next winter Olympic games in 2014 in Sochi. Are these reports correct? How do you think that you can manage to qualify? Will you put your musical career on a lower priority in order to have time for training and to realise your Olympic dream? Anyway, we wish you good luck in this, but we ask you to be very careful!

I am aiming to qualify for the 2013 World Championships and 2014 Winter Olympics. However, it means prioritising skiing in my schedule as the task is ambitious and the time frame is short. Last year, I broke my elbow but recovered in time for a show. So, the idea of breaking something is no longer so worrying. In reality, hurting oneself during the grind of daily life is more probable.

5) Is the release of a new album postponed because of your Olympic ambitions? Can you give us an update on the progress of the new album?

Finding the right team to work with is key since there are so many aspects to take care of when making an album and planning its release.

6) We also read that you bought a house in Zermatt, Switzerland, and that you spend considerable time there. Consider you Zermatt now as your residence, or is London still the main city where you live?

My building woes in London continue but, anyway, I am happy that Zermatt has been my new home since September 2009. I rarely visit London - I feel that I was born to live in the alps even if I was actually born far away in the tropics.

7) We know that you play a Guadagnini acoustic violin and a Zeta electric violin, but we have no idea what kind of bow and strings you use. Can you give us some information on this?

I change strings every now and then to experiment but I do generally prefer a bright sound for my crossover repertoire. I fancied trying gut strings but stayed away from them as I hate wasting time on tuning up and I think that the audiences share the same sentiment.

8 ) We would like to make a suggestion to visit a country you’ve never been before, at least to the best of our knowledge. An, she is a devoted fan of you, lives in Vietnam and she would like to know if you consider going to her country to do a concert? You never visited Vietnam, and concerts in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi would be great because you have plenty of fans there!! What do you think of this idea?

It will be interesting to visit Vietnam and I hope to one day soon - both for fun and for work.

9) Do you still have the superstition to walk over freshly spilled water on your way to the stage?

I gave up that superstition over 10 years ago but I am still conscious of avoiding walking under ladders.

10) The final question, what did Lionel give you for your 32nd birthday present? Of course if you find it too private, then please skip this question.

He thoughtfully offered me a bespoke piano stool.

Thank you for your questions - I wish you all a happy and healthy 2011!

I think these are nice and interesting answers. Isn't she such a darling to do this for us each year!
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Re: Vanessa-Mae's feedback to our bday questions

Post by CarrollTowerCX »

Thanks Xanthippe......and Vanessa-Mae,

Considering that she now lives in Switzerland instead of London, I think the answers to our questions came very promptly. I think it is nice of her to take the time to answer us. She is indeed very considerate.

May she achieve her hearts desire, but please be careful!

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Re: Vanessa-Mae's feedback to our bday questions

Post by Raytac »

Thanks Vanessa-Mae and Xanthippe !
It's really interesting to read Vanessa-Mae's answers,escpecially when we know, that She answered to our questions.She is really very nice, that besides all plans and works,She had found some time to us and to answer to us.Thanks !!!
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Re: Vanessa-Mae's feedback to our bday questions

Post by zeta »

I think there is a mistake on Vanessa's quote commenting on videos of performances. It says 2011 and i think it should be october 2010 ( in her 32th birthday)

Re: Vanessa-Mae's feedback to our bday questions

Post by Xanthippe »

erzeta wrote:I think there is a mistake on Vanessa's quote commenting on videos of performances. It says 2011 and i think it should be october 2010 ( in her 32th birthday)
I do not understand what you mean!
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