Addiction - What track made you a vm addict?

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Post by Arioch »

A question for you all...

Which was the Vanessa-Mae track that made you into
a Vanessa-Mae Fan or in some fans cases an ADDICT?

With me..

the first cd i had purchased was the Violin Player way back
in 1995.
I was impressed with this CD and this girls talent, but still I
continued to listen to my Hawkwind and other Rock CD's that
at the time dominated my CD collection.

2 years on with our girl almost forgotten along comes STORM!
This is the Album that did it for me, especially the opening two
tracks Summer Haze and the title track Storm..
Storm was the 1 that did it for me for it wasn't that long before
when our girl appeared on Bluepeter a (UK) Childrens BBC program,
This performance was amazing this very young Violinist had set
the wheels in motion this single track, this single performance
Made me a FAN and Now a Addict.
7 years on I now only seem to listen to our Vanessa-Mae and
other Classical, my Rock collection has been pushed to the
back and only gets limited play.

God Bless!
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Post by Xanthippe »

I became a fan after hearing Vanessa-Mae's third recording the 'Tchaikovsky & Beethoven Violin Concertos.' This was in 1992. I was thrilled immediately by her next release 'The Violin Player' and her version of the 'Toccata & Fugue.'

Really addicted I became after hearing the Classical Album 1, espacially the 'Scottish Fantasy' composed by Bruch. I was impressed by Vanessa-Mae's 'saying power' and the emotions she successfully expresses in this piece.

Vanessa-Mae continues to impress every time I see and hear her play.

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Post by changing worlds »

Contradanza ... the second track I heard.

Although I've been a big fan of T&F (Rollerball ... Donkey Kong Jr.), VM's version really didn't appeal to me. :O
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Post by Delavega »

HI, for me it's been 'Contradanza', I know that is not the favourite song for the normal fans, but it's made me become a super fan... first I've heard Art of War and Toccata and fogue in D- and I've liked her (even if at the beginning I thought she was a crazy old woman).... when I've heard Contradanza I falled in love with her music, but I think that it's not just because of her music that I like her.... I'm her addict expecially because she's kind with her audience!
That makes her special and does make her deserve all of my respects :o)
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Post by nameless »

i started listening to music on a late stage in my life.. i was 12 or something when i actually started to listen to it... resulted in that i wanted to hear everything there was at start.. varying from rock (offspring & Yes) to the very early techno (praga khan) to darkwave (Emperor en CoF) in an accident when i was looking for new cd's i saw this hot girl (VM) ona cover of the cd.. i picked it with the rest of the cd's and started listening to it. then all of a sudden i heard Bach Prelude which reminded me of HongKong (saw around the same time a concert of her there) and that got me kinda sticked to her...

Still i do listen to pretty much the same kinda music i guess >< still darkwave.. still techno.. still rock.. and thats what makes VM quite appearling as her music is so varieting.. it can be happy.. it can be depressing.. it can be stylish.. it can be rough. i love it
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Post by eva03 »

I'M A-DOUN - saw the video in January 1997 on Channel V Asia's Asian Top 20 (song is #11 that time).
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Post by Jafo C ! Null »


actually was because of my sister... she had a Music tv channel called TeleHit, so i saw Red Hot video.. i did not pay too much attention... Few years after i went to a CD Shop called MixUp in Guadalajara and i saw a big big VMae signed poster i searched for her.. and i heard Red Hot... actually Storm was available but for some reason i didnt like Storm.. i purchased Violin Player and i was a "Red Hot" freak a year after i came back to Guadalajara and i purchased storm BECAUSE I SOMETHING IN MY HEAD TOLD ME THAT (yes im crazy).. so i purchased vanessa mae Storm... and well i became a vanessa mae freak...

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Post by haboek »

Must be 1995 T&F on the radio.
Got impressed and bought the album Violin player and never stopped buying her albums. :laugh:
Haboek :smokin:
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Post by Incarpathia »

I saw 20 seconds of a video on the local PBS station here in Seattle. I still don't know which song it was for nor did I catch her name (had to do some research on the 'Net).

About two days later, I went out and bought The Violin Player and Storm .. ..

Three days after that, bought four more discs.
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Post by gaven »

I'm A-Doun

This is still my favorite :)
The Classic Album 1 & Butterfly Lovers were the first of Vanessa Mae's music I had herd, & instantly fell in love with I'm A-Doun & Butterfly Lovers.
But I'm A-Doun is still my favorite :)
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Post by Atreides »

hummm ... good one Arioch.

My first contact with VM music was the "violin player". And to be frank , at first i didnt like it at all, or maybe i was in denial since i had no interest in either classical or cross-over music at that time.

But for some odd reasons (yea it was denial) i kept listenning to it and it grew on me. To the point that her CD's sit ontop of my CD rack and that classical / cross-over music now represent maybe 80% of my purchses. I grew so mutch into it that i bought an electrical violin and picked up lessons.

So i cant realy credit a song in particular for making me a addict, it's "the violin player" album that did.

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Post by MSam »

Sorry about bringing up an old topic, but its a great one that I would like to comment on!

I became a Vanessa Mae fan through bond. I had all the bond albums and I was looking for more. Someone suggested I check out Vanessa Mae (I heard a sample of "I Still Can Hear Your Voice"). I went to her site (Sony) and listened to some of the sample tracks. I finally got to Emerald Tiger. All I remember was just sitting there bored, and then the crescendo just displayed some of the most beautiful music I had heard in my life. After that, I went over the tracks again, amazed I didnt like them the first time.

I rushed out to buy Choreography the next day. :)
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Post by DavidM »

For me it was the first I heard: I'm A Doun. For some reason The Violin Player completely passed my by (though I think I had heard Toccata & Fugue) so I had no idea who Vanessa-Mae was until I saw her on TV playing I'm A Doun. I always loved classical music and I've heard a lot of rock bands doing rock versions of classics, but this was something completely new to me -- an entirely different way of approaching a classical theme. I was hooked from just one listen and I went out to find a CD by this girl. By random choice I got The Classical Album, and I played I'm A Doun on repeat over and over. I still do :)
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Post by New Blue Eyes »

Hey Arioch!

As much as I appreciate her music, I have to admit it was my gazing into those beautiful brown almond eyes of hers! That's what made me an addict!!

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Post by shineon »

i am having a hard time dividing my listening time between Bond, VM, The 5 Browns, and The 12 Girls Band

now back to the original question

i would have to say the song storm

I am not a VM addict yet

Bond fan since the year 2001

New Vanessa Mae Fan
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