How did you find us? - *To all new members*

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Post by aventine »

We've recently had a fluxation of new members which we're all very pleased about.

As suggested by Glenn and Daniel, we're all curious to know how you stumbled upon this forum. Links? Search? Word of mouth? etc.

Also, why did you choose to join this forum?

Do let us know! :p

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Post by Street_Rat »

im an oldy, so ill start.
i first found from there signed up to the mailing list, found the yahoo Vanessa-Mae group, from there followed a link to what i think was the first forum when it was still in its infant stage (few members), and followed its progress from there.
now i have the privilage of helping in the creation of the site attatched to it :P
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Post by eva03 »

via yahoo search - in october 2000! :pblush:
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Post by daniel »

Hi Aventine,

I'm old member too.
how finding this nice forum for the first time...

after I promote my site in old forum
Rijko come visit my site, sign my guestbook
and telling me about this,

yes, great - I visit your forum every day
and found more things concern to our vm
that make me knowing her better
thanks again Rijko :laugh:
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Post by Arioch »

Hi aventine,
Even though this topic was set up for Newbies of the last
couple of months I shall also jump on the band wagon.

With me, it was way way back sometime in the beginning
of last year.
I decided to join this thing called the internet :user:

Sorry :D I will get straight to the point

I used the i-net to find out more about our girl, this led me to
the RED HOT Vanessa-Mae Home Page which then lead me here.

So blame loverly Glenn :D
Only joking Glenn :)
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Post by vmastorm »

How did I find VMF?
Quite long story but I'll summarize them. :p

I searched about our beloved Vanessa-Mae on internet, found lots of her fansites, signed their guestbooks, and then Aventine found me on one of those guestbooks, visited my old site and left some message in my guestbook. :laugh:

So I visited Aventine's "Four Seasons of Vanessa-Mae", and gotcha ...! I found VMF. :p
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Post by bijsterg »

I found this forum by searching for VM links. First I did not know what to think about this forum. After some contacts with Rijko, one of your well known members, I got convinced of the value of this forum. So, what this proves is that the value of this forum is made by the active members!
Gerrit (bijsterg)
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Post by david »

I read this forum 2 (?) years ago but I don't think I posted much. Then I lost it for a while... did you change address or something? Anyway, I found it again after a lot of searching and following links. I probably still won't post much, but it's nice to know I can come here for news :)

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Post by paganni »

found here from another forum abt vanessa mae :angry:
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Post by Jason Tee »

Well, i was searching for vanessa mae's pictures in the internet...and my favourite search engine was
so i went in and typed Vanessa Mae, and there goes...
I am here
Jason Tee
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Post by iamyoursam »

I think I was just surfing the net, searching for info on Vanessa Mae, when I stumbled upon the forum... and here I am!!!!

*listening to Vanessa Mae´s version of Vivaldi´s "L´Inverno: I. Allegro non molto"
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When the sunset comes
the wind caresses me
the stars appear
the sea whispers me love.
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Post by LeoSomers »

I'm an oldy too, just did a search on 'vanessa-mae' and found this great Forum. Nice to see a lot of old friends too! :grouphug:

Since I became a fan of Vanessa-mae in 1996, a lot happened in 9 years! But one thing remained the same: for me VM is still the no. 1 violin queen.

Greetings to all Vanessa-mae fans,
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Post by Kevin »

Think I've told this story...

When I discovered Vanessa, I searched online for any info i could find about her (actually I was lookin for an MP3 of Red Hot, but I didn't know the song title, so I just kept searchin for Vanessa Mae) Eventually I stumbled onto (WEEEE GLENN) :bow: which offered great info, and links etc... I then followed every link, eventually coming here to this great community :grouphug: back a long time ago...thinkin bout 4/5 yrs ago (give or take a year or 2) and I've been here ever since. :user:

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Post by ndeholmes »

hi aventine

I first found in 1997 but stopped using it - I put her CD back on tonight for the first time in ages and thought I'd just surf on in to see what's going on and here I am :)

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Post by whygodwhy86 »

Hi all.

You probably remember me, the annoying english chick who posts useless stuff lol!

I found in a really silly way. Well, it can't be that silly, cause I found it didn't I? (Bet you all wish I hadn't... :( ) Anyway, I kept typing stuff in the address bar, (cheers glenn! :) ), etc etc you get what I mean, and ended up typing one day, and here I am!

So, now, and in everything else, I did it the hard way!

Love and licks, :kiss:

Laura AKA Nora-Mae
Love ya lots and lots like jelly tots and vodka shots! :D
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