10+How many more years will Vanessa-Mae continue? - Poll

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10+How many more years will Vanessa-Mae continue? - Poll

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Post by sepha »

she'll never stop playing, she loves it
would u stop doing something u love,

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Post by wylde8 »

I think she'll play until her body will not allow her to anymore. Why can't she be like the Rolling Stones? They're not young anymore, but still come out with albums and perform massive concerts.

Really to me, it comes down to love of the music. Obviously it is her life judging from what I have seen. She hasn't even hit her prime yet, so I think she has a while to go. Though I do agree that she will probably do more on the production side in the future. Doing so will allow her more freedom to manage her career as she sees fit and will also be more lucrative for her.


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Post by hehuiyong »

well i vote fot 10+
what do you think of vanessa-mae? who she is? someone else always call vanessa-mae the pop violin player, and not the classical violin player.
i really hate the name that differs from pop and classical. that is because before people are talking about the pop and the classical , they have already defined the pop means not lasting long time, and the classical means lasting long time. i think that is not so. vanessa-mae just plays what people loves. she does not work for pop or classical specially. so she should be remembered for ever. she always like to say she playes music to mix different style. but i think now it is really hard to define her style.
maybe we do not need to define this. who cares? just look around, world goes fast, who knows what people like tommorrow? so for vanessa-mae , it is really hard to decide where to go. just from her all albums you could see. she goes classical first, then some pop, and recent do some folk. i think her style is changing all the time. how long her music life will go? that really depends on how long we go, how long we fans go, and how long the people in this forum go, and how long the people writing this article go. that is really hard to say. and bussiness is just bussiness. if here is no one listening her music , she will not play,she is not someone who just like to entertainment herself, right? and here are family reasons...and so on. she is just a person, we could not ask for more.
so what i choose is just a good willing. anyway most people here cares more about her personality than her music... vanessa-mae's music is just a window, though this window you could see her feeling, her thinking, her worring...whatever

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Post by BrightStrings »

Immortal Vanessa-Mae
100+ go go girl! :lol:

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Post by bijsterg »

Five years and that is max, I believe! The fact that she is giving just a few concerts to promote her new album, make me almost certain that she will stop sooner as expected untill now. In my eyes its nearly a shame to see that the interest in her fans went down to freezing point. I therefore believe, but DON'T hope (!), that Vanessa will continue for another 5 years and than ...... ?
Gerrit (bijsterg)

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Post by Ana »

I voted 10+, but maybe it isn't much possible...The truth is i have no idea how much long will she play for her audience.

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Post by arup75 »

I think she will continue for 10 years or more... If you can make your work from your interests, why not? This girl has so many fun playing the violin and she performance her shows like a thunderstorm.... I think she probably will go on like this for another 10 years or more...
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Post by New Blue Eyes »

I think she will continue on as she has for another 5 to 7 years. Maybe by that time she will have married and started a family. For Vanessa's sake, I hope so. She'll probably always be involved professionally with violin performance to a much more limited extent.
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