How Many Forum Members Play the Violin? - Violin players

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How Many Forum Members Play the Violin? - Violin players

I used to but haven't for along time.
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Post by Xanthippe »

Hi Rocky,

It is so nice to hear that our Vanessa-Mae is an inspiration to a guitarist as well.
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Post by CKmaverick »

I play the piano and the flute. Tried to copy Vanessa-Mae on the flute though...and (obviously) it's nowhere near as good as her! Besides, I had to breathe :wink: But last year I bought a cheapo violin (£50) just to try out. It's depressing....
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Post by wylde8 »

Never touched a violin, but I want to. I've played guitar for several years now, but would like to try my hand at violin also. Luckily, when I moved a couple months ago, I noticed there is a violin shop right up the road from my new house. When I get a little money, I plan on stopping in to see what they have. They can give me some advice on what to get, because I have no clue myself!

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Post by Giollo »

Yes, I do play violin since many years
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Post by Twyla »

yup! playin for 9 years..... and what was said about violin prices on page 1: i would say that a pro violin starts at about 10,000 euros. somewhere around that range.
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Post by Benji »

I play both the violin and viola ...

The violin for about 8 years, .. Viola for about 13. I consider myself intermediate level.
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Post by hornmeister2000 »

I have an electric 'cello!
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Post by brianlim »

Atreides wrote:Yes, I do play the violin ...

VM got me interested to this instrument with "Violin Player"... which in turn got me interested into classical music. She was the starting point of a major change in my musical taste.

Right now i m learning Devil's Trill Sonata even with the protest of my teacher who thinks i should not tackle sutch a complex piece... it will probably take me another 6 months to complete ... but no pain no gain.

I like your attitude. Also, how long have you been playing? Already trying to learn Devil Trill Sonata? Tha'ts crazy. I used to play when I was around 5 or 6. I immigrated to America. stopped until age of 15... I regret this. However, to catch up to many other great musicians, I practice around 4 to 5 hours a day. I am 16 and I'm hoping to get to Vanessae Mae's level when she was around 10 or 11 at the age of 17. I am in Advanced Orchestra now (I was in Beginning strings last and and skipped Beginning Orchestra because my teacher said I was "gifted" and skipped me to Advanced:this gave me hopes) and hoping to get into Philaharmonic Orchestra and American Youth Symphony orchestra to fasten my learning.

By the way, any tips on playing violin effectively to learn faster?
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Post by New Blue Eyes »

My 11 year-old son plays. Does that count?
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Post by HammurabY »

Hey Atreides;
It's good to try learning her songs but I'm playin' violin for 4 years but I can't play... But of course I don't have a teacher to teach them to me but I can play some songs of Haendel and that sort of easy ones. Unfortunatelly no one can reach her skills ;(. But we must work hard! I started playing violin when I saw her concert. My biggest dream is to be 'our girls' co-violin player! I won't give up, that is for sure. Do you think something like that too?
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