Vanessa-Mae's ongoing struggle with rebuilders

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Vanessa-Mae's ongoing struggle with rebuilders

Post by Xanthippe »

The mail On Sunday of October 2nd reported on Vanessa-Mae's ongoing struggle to get the luxurious mansion restructured and renovated, that she bought just a couple of years ago in Kensington, London. Vanessa-Mae and her friend Lionel consider selling the house after the restructure has been completed and perhaps move out of London. Below is the text of the article:

Vanessa run out of town by cowboy builders
VIOLINIST Vanessa-Mae is proof nightmare builders really can drive you out of your home. She has abandoned hope of ever moving into her [pounds sterling]2.5million West London mansion after yet another row with them. I revealed recently how she had sacked one lazy crew for not getting on with the job.

Now, the 27-year-old virtuoso, above, says she is planning to leave the capital after a bust up with the latest team working at the five-bedroom Kensington pad she bought three years ago with boyfriend Lionel Catalan.

'They did some shoddy work that alarmed both my structural engineer and the local building control officer,' Vanessa says. 'I am taking my time to find new builders. I doubt it will be finished until next summer. Then I'm going to sell it and move away.' Vanessa bravely remained in London despite being terrorised by a stalker for a year. But it seems the builders have succeeded where he failed and forced her out.
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Post by Arioch »

This saddens me to hear what our girl is having to go through.
I know it happens to alot of people but to think of the money
it is costing the 2 of them?
These people are using our noodles to make easy money!
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Post by bijsterg »

Welcome to the real world! She hired 2 enigineers to check the restructuring, and I am certain that she hired them before the contractor started, so who has been a sleep?

It is a shame that things like that happen, but it happens to all of us if we are not carefull! Vanessa has the advantage that she can hire a few guys to assist her.
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Post by arup75 »

Its's indeed very sad that these things happen... But they do, in these times of living.... Sad, very sad....
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Post by BrightStrings »

oh man! Lionel is her present boyfriend? I've seen this name from Subject To Change credit.
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