Vanessa-Mae in Mandarin Oriental Tokyo's Opening Gala

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Vanessa-Mae in Mandarin Oriental Tokyo's Opening Gala

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Click the link for the full story: ... 8356&nav=1
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Hi eva,

Thanks for posting this news. Vanessa-Mae looks very elegant in the nice black dress and her black boots.

As many of the regulars of this forum may know, Vanessa-Mae is a regular distinguished guest in the worldwide facilities of the Mandarin Hotel Group. She also participated in the 'I am a fan' campaign of the Mandarin Hotel group to promote thier facilities wordwide. Two adds are available at my website, see the thumbnail images below (click to see large scale versions)



The fans of the Mandarin Hotels can be found here:

Fans of the Mandarin Hotels
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Hummm... I m puzzuled ...

Isn't her biological dad the owner of a hotel chain in asia? He must be trilled to have his daughter promote the competition...

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