Windows Media player on Asus Video cards

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Windows Media player on Asus Video cards

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Just a little warning guys...

I just finished assembling my new computer and to my horror 3/4 of my video collection was not working anymore, I was getting distorted images. After some swearing , bashing, codec install / reinstall / re-reinstall ... I finally discovered the problem. It was the Asus Enhenced video driver that for some reason interrect with the codecs and mess up everything.

So if ya add an Asus vid card to your system dont install their enhenced drivers, stick to the ATI or NVidia drivers, it will save you from repeated head banging on the wall. After removing the Asus drivers and putting on the ATI Catalyst alone eveything was fine.

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i had a similar problem with the nvidia drivers a few versions ago, after installing them, all clips went to buggery, i couldent view any of them.
i tried updating the drivers to the latest ones, going back to an older version, nothing changed, then i completely uninstalled them and reinstalled a new version and it all worked ok, i think they were one of the v7 nvidia drivers, ive had no problems with the latest ones though
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