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In an attempt to bring my programming skills up to date, I am slowly (yes, slowly) giving a rebirth to my web site.

Many parts are still undecided on whether to make them current, or leave them in their last active state from 2004. The last part, the discography, will take a long time to complete. There are bugs. A device rotation will haunt me for a long time.

The big difference is technology. In 2004, all was done with Notepad, in HTML only, with no Javascript and no CSS. In 2004, I never did a web page for a living, I only did desktop applications. This version uses weird terms like jQuery, Angular routing, Bootstrap, Responsive (or is it Adaptive?) design. Almost all text is stored in JSON files. As for CSS, there is a "Theme" selection, currently limited to both color schemes I used in 2002 and 2004.

The source is on GitHub :
The website is currently at
No current plans to purchase a domain name at this time. I never made my first million. ;)
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