Do you have a question for Vanessa-Mae?

Vanessa-Mae’s birthday is on October 27. Around that time, I will be sending her a hearty “Happy Birthday” wish along with a question or two. Vanessa has been very kind, and has answered every single question we’ve sent her over the last two decades.

If you have a question for Vanessa-Mae that you would like to submit, you can do so one of two ways. Option 1: Submit the question on our forum by clicking this link: Option 2: We recently launched a new discord server, where you can also submit your question:

You will have until October 26, 2021. Also, only one submission per person, and keep it musically related. I intend to ask about her current musical projects and commitments, so no need to ask about those. Avoid asking anything that has been answered before. Click the forum link above to see previous submissions. Lastly, I know there are tons of fans that would love to see Vanessa-Mae perform where they live, but keep in mind that this is not up to the artist. Their management often decides where their clients go based on analytics. Namely, they tend to go where there is the highest concentration of fans based on album sales and the like.

I will update this space with which questions were submitted, and will let you know as soon as I get a reply.


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