Vanessa-Mae will perform in Greece in October! [updated 10/8/17]

Vanessa-Mae plans to visits Greece again in October!

Vanessa concentrates
Vanessa-Mae concentrates as she performs. She will be in Greece on October 5th!

It’s been a bit quiet on news regarding Vanessa-Mae.  However, all that has changed!  She will appear live in Greece on 10/5/2017.  Moreover, You can find all the details here .  Unfortunately, the site is entirely in Greek.  You can use Google translate or Babefish.  Thank you zeta for the heads up!

Update – 10/8/17

Here are a few videos from her recent performance.  If I find more, I will add them here.  She had some fun with the audience playing ‘I feel love’.  Furthermore, she gave a funny speech before Toccata & Fugue.

Bratislava welcomes Vanessa-Mae on May 11, 2017! [updated 5/25/17]

Next stop: Bratislava

Vanessa-Mae enjoying herself in front of an enthusiastic crowd while visiting Bratislava
Vanessa wows the crowd in her recent visit to Bratislava

Vanessa-Mae is continuing her tour she started back in February.  This time, she plays two concerts in Bratislava just a few days ago.  Right now, there has not been much footage uploaded of the concert.  However, I included what I did find below.  I will continue to update this page as more videos become available.

She looks great as always, and once again wears a beautiful pink dress.  It seems like the same one she wore at her Valentine’s Day concert.  She did wear another dress, but the footage is quite grainy.  Unfortunately, I am not able to tell much as the fan who recorded it was quite far from the stage.

May will be a busy month for Vanessa-Mae!  She has concerts planned in Macedonia, Israel and Poland all before month’s end.  As a result, you can expect to be seeing more footage from these appearances.

Videos (constantly updated)

[updated 5/25/17] Vanessa performs concerts in Caesaria and Skopje!

These are the latest videos uploaded on Youtube

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Clips of Vanessa-Mae performing in Russia [UPDATED 2/23/17]

Here is some great news for Vanessa-Mae fans!  Vanessa-Mae has just completed two concerts in Russia.  Some of the fans in attendance uploaded some clips of both concerts.  As usual, she performs a variety of music from her pop albums.  However, she also played some new pieces she hasn’t performed in a while.  She looks great as always, and her violin sounds great despite the accident.

It is obvious that the audience enjoyed these concerts.  Again, Vanessa-Mae mixes things up when she visits Russia.  Consequently, no two visits are the same, which I appreciate highly.  Hopefully, CrazyCat was able to attend! This fan has recorded entire concerts at Crocus City Hall for past 4 years.

I will continue to update this page as more footage becomes available.  Furthermore, if you find anything that is not listed here, please reach out to me on the forum.  I would love to hear from you!

***Update*** Photos of Vanessa’s concert at the Crocus City Hall are available on their site.  It seems that her concert had a Valentine’s Day theme, as she wore a gorgeous pink gown.  Furthermore, I noticed some audience members holding pink hearts made of paper.  Some of them even wave it back and forth during certain songs.  I’m very envious of the fans that were able to attend.  I hope she plans to come back to the U.S. some day!  Before I forget, let me thank Display for finding the above link.

Clips of Vanessa-Mae in St. Petersburg

Vanessa-Mae plays Vivaldi’s “Winter”:

Clips of Vanessa-Mae in Moscow

Finally, here is a clip of Vanessa-Mae’s introduction at the concert in Moscow:

Thanks to zeta, we found some more music.  Below, Vanessa-Mae plays “Love is Only a Game” and “Picante”.  These are also from her “Subject to Change” album.  What’s noteworthy, she hasn’t been played these pieces in years!

The first time I saw Vanessa-Mae was …

First impressions certainly last a lifetime ..

Just recently, I ran across a video on Youtube of Vanessa-Mae performing on the Rosie O’Donnell show back in 1996.  It certainly brings back some very pleasant memory, as I see the violin performed in such a way that is attractive, hip, and relevant.  The very next week, her first pop CD (The Violin Player) was mine!

She performs Mike Batt’s modern interpretation of Bach’s Toccata & Fugue.  This also is the first of her pop singles and the title track on the Violin Player album.  Even now, it still gives me shivers.  It’s quite a treat to see how beautiful she portrays just not of herself, but the violin as well.

Live in the flesh ..

She plays this piece quite often on various shows at the time, but this particular performance has two major distinctions.  First, she plays this live.  Unfortunately, due to technical or time constraints, she often mimes if she is just appearing on a TV show.  In this case, she plays 100% live.  Secondly, she often has a few members of her band accompany her during performances.  In this case, there are none and is solely assisted by Rosie’s Band.  I am particularly impressed because I imagine that they only had a few hours of practice at the most before the show aired.

So what do you think?  Do you agree that this is a particularly engaging performance by Vanessa-Mae?  Are there better ones??  Please let me know!


Warsaw, Poland welcomes Vanessa-Mae on May 30, 2017!

Vanessa-Mae visits Warsaw!

If you happen to live in or around Poland, and reading this post, consider yourself lucky.  Vanessa-Mae is continuing to tour new parts of the globe, and she will grace Warsaw at the end of May 2017.  Click here for additional information including how to purchase tickets.

She will perform works from all her previous albums, and possibly a song or two exclusively for the polish audience.  Vanessa-Mae concerts are increasingly rare, as she performs perhaps 4 or 5 concerts per year.  With that in mind, if you have the opportunity to attend this concert, I strongly urge you to do so.  She will take you on a musical journey showing her how versatile the violin can be in almost any category of music.

Most of all, if you are attending the concert, please let me know.  I have a request to make with monetary compensation.  Thanks!

Vanessa-Mae will give a concert in Warsaw, Poland
Vanessa-Mae will give a concert in Warsaw, Poland at the end of May 2017.

Vanessa-Mae will perform at Crocus City Hall in February 2017!

Vanessa-Mae returns to Crocus City in Moscow for the fifth time in as many years!

Vanessa-Mae will again perform at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow on February 15, 2017.  Vanessa states often that she loves Moscow, and makes it a point to visit on a regular basis.  Indeed, she has been performing at this venue every year since 2012.  You can view the details of this concert here.  Let me thank Display for bringing this information to the forum’s attention.

CrazyCat is so gracious to record all the concerts and made them available on her Youtube channel.  Make sure to check it out!

Vanessa-Mae will perform at the Crocus City Hall in February 2017
Vanessa-Mae will perform at the Crocus City Hall in February 2017

Upcoming Concert: Vanessa-Mae @ Ondrej Nepela Arena

Vanessa-Mae will perform at the Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava, Slovakia on May 11, 2017.  Furthermore, the Czech Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague (BSOP) will accompany her.

About the Ondrej Nepela Arena ..

At capacity, this arena can hold over 10,000 people.  It’s one of the most cutting-edge facilities after undergoing renovation back in 2011. Now, it has noteworthy features such as LED scoreboards and the like.  The makeover was done at the request of the President of Slovakia.  The cost of the project is around 87 million euros.  Check out the pictures below as it’s quite a sight to behold.

In case you’re wondering, Ondreg Nepela is the name of a 1972 Czechoslovakian Winter Olympics skating champion.

The outside of the Ondrej Nepela Arena
May 11, 2017 cannot get here fast enough. Vanessa-Mae's appearance here at Ondreg Nepela Arena will be memorable for sure!
The inside of The Ondrej Nepela Arena. What a beautiful and fitting place for a Vanessa-Mae Concert.


Details are here.

Let me give a BIG thanks to Display for finding this information!

Lastly, If you are planning to attend this concert, please reach out to me. 

Vanessa-Mae calls her Guadagnini violin “Gizmo”. Why is that?

Gizmo? You mean that cute thing from the movie ‘Gremlins’?

While I could see Vanessa-Mae owning such a cute animal, the answer is ‘no’.  “Gizmo” is the affectionate name she has given her violin, which was made by GIOVANNI BATTISTA GUADAGNINI in 1761.  Why?  Before we proceed, we should explore the wondrous instrument known as the violin.

“You have not changed a bit!”

There are three things that fascinate me about the violin.  First, close your eyes for a moment and use your imagination.  The violin is some 300 years old, and yet the basic design remains the same.  Can you think of any man-made invention that is so old but yet the design has not changed?  I cannot!

Secondly, for an object that is less than 15″ long and 6″ wide, it can fill an entire concert hall with no acoustical assistance.  Thirdly, you can have a violinmaker (also referred to as ‘luthier’) make two violins from the same piece of wood at the same time.  The two violins will NOT sound identical.  The sound of a violin is as unique as the human fingerprint.  This partially explains why certain antique violins made by famous luthiers (like Antonio Stradivari) are so highly prized and valued.  They are simply irreplaceable!

Vanessa-Mae and her Guadagnini violin
Vanessa-Mae and her violin made by G.B. Guadagnini nicknamed “Gizmo”

“That costs more than my house!”

Some antique violins cost more than a mansion.  Did you know that the most expensive violin in the world is NOT a Stradivarius (or Guadagnini)?  Stradivari might be the most famous, but there are professional violinists who would argue that violins made by Giuseppe Guerneri Del Gesu easily matches the craftsmanship and the sound of Stradivari and Guaduagnini instruments.  In fact, some might argue that his instruments are superior!

Anne Akiko Meyers plays on one (“Ex-Vieuxtemps”), and was appraised for $16,000,000 as of 2013.  That is not a misprint.  The reason for the astronomical value for this particular instrument is its condition.  Her violin was made in 1741.  Any instrument that old usually have some body damage from accidents and wear.  This meant cracks that requires sealant or replacement of the scroll/neck.  Mrs. Meyers’ violin has no damage to it at all.  The body of the violin is 100% original and without defect.  Given the reputation of its maker, this violin is already an extremely rare find.  Having it completely free of damage is almost unheard of!

In case you’re wondering, the primary consensus is that the top 3 violinmakers from that era are Stradivari, Del Gesu, and Guadagnini.

“Can I get a Guadagnini violin?”

The short answer is “unlikely”.  Even if you had the money, most of the prized instruments made by Stradivari, Del Gesu, and Guadagnini are in the hands of famous violinists.  They either buy them for personal use or borrow them on loan for their lifetime use; others are in museums for display only.  But fear not!  The longstanding theory is that such instruments have a sound that is impossible to duplicate.  In a sense, this is undoubtedly true.  As discussed earlier, each violin has its own voice.  From the cheapest violin that might cost you $90 on ebay, to a real Stradivarius violin; EVERY violin is unique.

Surely, the prized violins that cost millions must have a sound that easily separates itself from modern violins.  Would it surprise you to learn that the answer is ‘No’?  A few years ago, there was a double blind test in France where the most respected violinists and violinmakers were invited to participate.  All given instruments to play.  The instruments included a mixture of real Strads, Del Gesu’s, and some modern instruments.  The results were shocking!  None of the violinists or violinmakers were consistently able to distinguish new from old.  What’s also amazing is that some of the violinists own Strads themselves!  Yet they were not able to consistently identify other Strads from modern violins made by today’s luthiers.  You can watch the entire test on Youtube.

“Where do I go?”

With that in mind, why pay for a Stradivarius in the first place?  Despite the findings, it’s still an incredibly rare find and holds a lot of sentimental value.  Besides, just like with most expensive man-made things, you pay for the name above all else.  This also means that you can find something comparable that doesn’t involve you winning the lottery.  The key is knowing where to look.  Most people interested in purchasing a violin do not have the ability to simply drive down to their local violin shop.  Such a shop may not exist or there may be time constraints.

Fortunately, reputable violin shops do exist online.  Such shops usually allow you to try out their instruments with no obligation to buy.  As I said in my bio, I wholeheartedly recommend Fiddlershop.  Pierre Holstein owns the website linked, and you can check out his Youtube channel here.  His family has a violin shop (along with guitars and mandolins) that operates out of Florida.  In my opinion, they sell some of the best instruments you can buy under $5K.  Pierre exhaustively tries out instruments from different workshops, and he will tell you that most do not simply cut it.  He never badmouths the individual or company that makes them.  He simply won’t carry their instruments.  He has instruments for every level–from beginner to professional.  Please, PLEASE never buy an instrument off of ebay!

“What happens if I buy the wrong violin?”

If you’re thinking of starting to learn the violin, there’s no worse way to impede your development by buying a cheaply made violin.  Why?  Cheaply made violins are very hard to play; way harder than it should be otherwise.  It takes too much work to get a acceptable tone out of it.  Because of this, beginners lose interest and stop playing.  If you are serious about learning the violin, then expect to pay a few hundred bucks.  Buying a $100 violin makes no more sense than buying a $100 car.

In Summary …

Vanessa-Mae’s Guadagnini means so much to her for two main reasons: Every violin has its own sound and personality.  If it is destroyed, it is almost as priceless as a human life as it can never be replaced.  In several interviews, Vanessa describes why she stuck with the violin though she played the piano first.  She describes that as a little girl, the violin appealed so much more to her because of its small stature and the shape loosely resembling the human body.  She looked at it similar to how she’d look at a doll.  And to think, she’s been playing on that violin since she was 10 years old.  She is now 37.  “Gizmo” is truly her lifetime partner, and perhaps explains why she is not married.  Well .. maybe. 🙂



Crocus City Hall in Moscow welcomes Vanessa-Mae

Watch Vanessa-Mae perform at Crocus City Hall in Moscow from December 2015.  A BIG Thanks to avid Vanessa-Mae fan CrazyCat!

Vanessa-Mae at Crocus City Hall
Vanessa-Mae at Crocus City Hall

The concert that almost never was

This December concert’s length is about one hour and thirty minutes, and it is my favorite out of all the concerts thus (make sure you check CrazyCat’s channel for the previous years’ concerts).  Here, you will see Vanessa-Mae perform a wide assortment of music.  Some of which dates back to her very first pop album: The Violin Player.  This concert also has the distinction of being the only where Vanessa-Mae did not use her Guadaganini violin.  She explains that there was an accident, and the violin’s scroll was broken.  However, she is happy to report that due to some quick thinking by the organizers, they were able to procure her another violin.

She starts out with a very old favorite of mine – Red Hot.  Then she continues with Havanna Slide and Morrocan Roll.  On top of the fantastic track listing, she also had a full orchestra and conductor, which is rare.  Normally, Vanessa utilizes just her band and a string section.  She also divided the concert into two parts, ending the first half with ‘Storm’ from her pop album by the same name.  Upon reappearing for the second half, she says she’s starting to get more comfortable with the violin.  She reiterates that this is the first time she’s played on another violin since she was 10 years old!  She then plays one of the most beautiful pieces from her album Choreography ‘Roxane’s Veil’.  I particular loved the piano accompaniment that’s absent from the album version.

A rare slip-up …

A reminder that she’s still getting accustomed to her new partner, she hits a bum note during the solo introduction to Happy Valley.  She curses a bit and smiles and completely starts over.  However, this is the only time there was any clear indication she was playing an instrument that’s not her own.  She comes out for an encore, but I’ll let you see for yourself what she plays.  It’s something she has not performed in a very long while! 🙂

The visual and audio quality is quite good for an amateur video, and I’m sure you’ll love it as I do.  Enjoy!!

Personal favorite performance of Toccata & Fugue by Vanessa-Mae …

Will this performance become your personal favorite?

If you were to ask me my personal favorite Vanessa-Mae song, I’d have to say Red Hot.  However, she’s best known for Mike Batt’s arrangement for Bach’s Toccata & Fugue in D Minor.  After all, this song was released as her very first single, and the title track on her first pop album.  In fact, it reached #24 on the Billboard charts.  To my knowledge, no other violinist has ever reached that high where the solo instrument is the violin.

My Personal Favorite Performance of Toccata & Fugue
Vanessa-Mae performs Toccata & Fugue in front a huge crowd in Germany. (Picture taken in 1996)

She still performs it to this day!  However, this particular video performance of this classic tune is especially .. well .. special.  The reason?  She performs in front of a huge crowd who gives her HUGE cheers at the end.  Secondly, she looks absolutely beautiful and her technique was on point as usual.  Lastly, she performs this piece on her acoustic violin where she normally uses her electric violin.  This makes a huge difference and sounds so much better in my opinion


P.S. Believe it or not, this was recorded over 20 years ago!