Vanessa-Mae will perform in Greece in October!

Vanessa-Mae plans to visits Greece again in October!

Vanessa-Mae concentrates as she plays on her Guadagnini violin. She is scheduled to perform in Greece on October 5.
Vanessa-Mae concentrates as she performs. She will be in Greece on October 5!

It’s been a bit quiet on news regarding Vanessa-Mae.  However, all that has changed!  She will appear live in Greece on October 5th 2017.  Moreover, You can find all the details here .  Unfortunately, the site is entirely in Greek.  You may want to try Google or babelfish if you can’t understand Greek.

Some performances from her last few visits ….

Vanessa last visited Greece twice in the past several years.  Here are a few videos uploaded to Youtube:

Lastly, I like to thank zeta for the heads up!  Make sure you visit our forum for the latest news.

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